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Moss' Top Picks

If you've heard me speak then you know I have lots of favorites. Check 'em out, then send me your best comments and critiques. Let me know some of your favorties too.

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My absolute favorites...for now

Top Ten Plants of September
Top Ten Plants of August
zephyranthes grandiflora Top Ten Plants of July castanea mollisima
Top Ten Summer Kitchen Plants golden zucchinis
martagon lily Top Ten Plants of June sprekelia flower
lily golden splendour Top Ten Summer Blooms hydrangea arborescens
allium globemaster Top Landscape Bulbs mixed tulips
wild columbine Top Ten Spring Shade Perennials solomons seal
tree peony Top Ten Plants of May cherokee chief dogwood
redbuds Top Ten Plants of April virginia bluebells
basket of gold Top Ten Container Plants harvestin regent serviceberries
snow scilla Top Ten Plants of March tommy crocus
ring of fire mini rose 2008 Awards mrs ruth's night blooming cereus
Calla Lily Top Ten Plants of February arnold promise
sabal duo Top Ten Plants of January burford holly berries
snowy arborvitaes Top Ten Plants of December senna corymbosa
ladybug on witch hazel Top Ten Plants of November chrysanthemum pacificum
autumn monkshood Top Ten Plants of October concord grapes
madonna lily flower Lilium Divisions tom pouce lilies

voodoo lily


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