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Saw Palmetto: Serenoa repens



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saw palmetto bush

Family: Arecaceae

Above: bush in landscape, Below: slash pine understory Use: screens, informal hedge, foundations, woodlands, shady gardens, parks, coastal landscapes, wildlife cover
standing in saw palmetto understory

Plant: evergreen, rhizomatous palms to 8', in perfect conditions can form trunk to 20'. One of the best longevities among palms, capable of exceeding 600 years.

Origin: southeast USA along coast and interior forests

: 8 - tropics

: hanging sprays of tiny, cream flowers. If pollinated, female flowers form black fruits used medicinally

Foliage: large palmate leaves with saw toothed petioles.

: sun to part shade. Rich, well-drained soil. Mulch with pine needles or compost. Shade, salt, and drought tolerant. 2009, Last Updated January 19, 2009