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Sweet Orange: Citrus sinensis cultivars



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oranges on tree

Family: Rutaceae

Above: oranges ripening, Below: Ben planting sapling Use: specimen, shade tree, screen, hedge, grove, containers
kenyan ben planting sweet orange

Plant: evergreen tree to 25', dwarfs available

Origin: bred in China nearly 4000 years ago

: 10 - tropics

: small, thick petaled, white flowers with intense perfumy fragrance in spring. Colorful fruit from fall to spring. Taste to determine ripeness. Low starch content means fruit will not ripen off tree.

Foliage: waxy, simple

: sun to part sun in sheltered location. Rich, well-drained, mesic soil. Mulch with humus or compost. Do not wet trunk. Fertilize in winter and early summer with plenty of nitrogen. 2008, Last Updated December 9, 2008