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Screw Pine: Pandanus utilis



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pandanus utilis foliage fan

Family: Pandanaceae

Above: foliage structure, Below: young screw pine Use: specimen, foundation, poolside, containers
pandanus at holiday inn oceanfront

Plant: evergreen tree to 60' in tropics, much shorter shrub in cooler climates

Origin: Madagascar

: 9 - tropics

: dioecious; panicles arranged in sprays. Female plants produce an edible pinecone-like compound fruit.

Foliage: linear, palm-like leaves with sharp, red-toothed margins. Leaves emerge in a spiraling pattern.

: sun to part sun. Rich, well-drained, mesic soil. Tolerant of coastal conditions. Mulch with humus or compost. Fertilize frequently in summer. 2008, Last Updated December 9, 2008