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Burford Holly: Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii'



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burford holly berries

Family: Aquifoliaceae

Above: holly berries, Below: wife with Burford holly Use: specimen, foundation, hedges, screen, espalier, commercial and home landscape, containers
wife with burford holly

Plant: evergreen shrub or small tree to 20', dwarf cultivars available

Origin: species from China, "Burfordii" cultivated in Atlanta

: 7 - 10

: clusters of tiny yellowish flowers in leaf axils in spring. Heavy fruit set without male pollinator (parthenocarpy)

Foliage: simple, waxy, rounded leaves with less spines than the species

: sun to part shade. Rich, well-drained, mesic soil. Mulch with humus or compost. Non invasive roots and shade tolerance make them perfect for foundations. 2009, Last Updated January 19, 2009