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Jewel Orchid : Ludisia discolor



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jewel orchid

Family: Orchidaceae

Above: twisted flowers, Below: pinkish bud sheaths Use: houseplant, conservatory, terrarium
ludisia opening

Plant: creeping, tuberous perennial to 6"

Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia,

: tropical

: tiny, crisp-white orchid flowers with characteristic twisted "lips" (petals) and egg-yolk yellow pollinia.

Foliage: extremely decorative. Upper side is dark, reddish green with silver or maroon stripes. Underside has maroonish hue.

: shady locations like east or north windows. Naturally grows in tropical forest duff, so use a soil mix with lots of peat and wood bark. Drought tolerant once established 2009, Last Updated January 19, 2009