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Paperwhite: Narcissus tazetta 'Galilee'



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paperwhite Galilee

Family: Amaryllidae

Above: Galilee flowers, Below: Galilee planting Use: beds, borders, foundations, orchards, conservatory, forcing
narcissus Galilee stand

Plant: ephemeral, bulbous perennial to 12"

Origin: species from Mediterranean region through Asia

: 8 - 11

: Powerfully fragrant, small, ivory daffodils with little cups (corona) holding tiny egg-like anthers inside. Other tazetta daffodils can be yellow.

Foliage: strap-like, fades in May

: part shade to full sun in average, rich soil. Withstands southern heat and drought better than most narcissus. Fertilize heavily in early spring after bloom has finished and again in late fall as they begin to emerge. 2009, Last Updated January 19, 2009