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Palmetto: Sabal palmetto



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palmetto duos in parkway median

Family: Arecaceae

Above: Phoenix in landscape, Below: crown of tree Use: specimen, parks, municipal and commercial landscape, parkways, dunes
palmetto at holiday inn oceanfront

Plant: evergreen palms to 90'

Origin: southeast USA along coast, marshes, and interior forests

: 8 - tropics

: mature plants develop hanging sprays of tiny, cream flowers in late spring/summer. Black, buoyant, salt tolerant, inedible dates are formed in autumn.

Foliage: Large, fan-shaped, palmate leaves. Old "boots", leaf petioles, form an attractive bark pattern

: sun to shady understories. Rich, well-drained soil. Seeds can sprout nearly anywhere, including epiphytically. 2009, Last Updated January 19, 2009