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Lacebark Elm: Ulmus parvifolia



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ulmus parvifolia bark

Family: Ulmaceae

Above: double pink, Below: shrubs in shady landscape Use: specimen, municipal and commercial and home landscape, parks, street trees
wife and lacebark elm silhouette

Plant: evergreen or semi-evergreen tree to 60' with rounded shaped and wide arching spread

Origin: China, Japan, North Korea

: 5 - 10. Deciduous types are hardier.

: in late summer are hidden by foliage. Seeds ripen in autumn.

Foliage: small ("parvifolia"), tough leaves are evergreen in warm climates.

: sun to part shade. Rich, well-drained, mesic soil. Resistance to Dutch Elm Disease and elm leaf beetle has lead to extensive breeding programs. Potential to become invasive in warmer parts of the world. Popular bonsai tree. 2009, Last Updated January 19, 2009